Apple announced many things today. Here's what you missed (if that's even possible).


A small, California-based company by the name of Apple had an event today where it unveiled many new things. In case you were AFE (away from Earth) for the past few hours, here’s what you missed.

• The iPod nano now has a digital camera. It also has FM radio capability for the first time ever, finally ushering Apple into the year 2002. Neat: Live Pause lets you utilize a cache of as much as 15 minutes. I wonder if it’ll no longer be cool to like the band Phoenix now, seeing as though they’re so prominently featured in the glossy iPod photos.

• The iPod touch got a storage bump, with 8GG, 32GB, and 64GB models. The 64GB is also marginally “faster” for some inexplicable reason.

• The iPod classic is not dead, and now (again, actually) has a 160GB hard drive.

• iTunes 9.0 was released. Manage your iPhone Apps right from iTunes! Watch videos and consume all sorts of bonus content from the music and movies you buy with iTunes LP! Transfer music and movies throughout your house with Home Sharing. And Genius Mixes creates up to 12 Genius playlists automatically.

iPhone OS 3.1. Genius for all your Apps (which means that it’ll recommend new Apps for you to try based on your current collection). And you can now buy ringtones from the four big record labels for $1.99 a pop. (Note: you’re a darn fool if you actually buy ringtones.)