Hands-on with the new iPod nano

We just got our hands on the new iPod nano.

As you can probably tell from the shots, it’s a nearly inch-for-inch match with the last generation. That said, the new colors are absolutely gorgeous. Even in the fairly dim demo room, the colors popped.

We didn’t get to spend very much time with the camera, but the camera quality seemed on par with that of the iPhone and significantly better than what we would have expected.

The FM radio interface was great. While it initially couldn’t pick up a signal, all was well once they sunk a pair of headphones into the jack. The Shuffle uses the headphones as an antenna, and the radio started ticking away.

There are a few things within the FM player that weren’t mentioned during the presentation but that are quite neat. For one, you can scrub back up to 15 minutes. Additionally, you can tag songs that are playing over the radio, reminding you to purchase them next time you drop into iTunes.

We didn’t put the pedometer to the test as we weren’t about to sprint around the packed demo room, but the Nike+/Pedometer interface was in place and jampacked full off gradients. It’s about as flashy as it comes – but it looks great.