Hands-on with the 64GB iPod touch and iPod Shuffle "Special Edition"


There’s not much for us to say about either of these models. While it’s absolutely incredible that they crammed 64 GB into this razor thin iPod Touch, there’s nothing beyond that for us to touch on that can’t be said for past models. The other significant changes (50% speed boost and the addition of OpenGL ES) aren’t things we could test on the spot; while it certainly felt faster, we didn’t throw down with a stopwatch.

The “Special Edition” iPod Shuffle is quite stunning in person. That stainless steel is ..well, it’s a mirror. It gleens, it glistens. Unfortunately, the only thing it catches more than the light is fingerprints. Really – the demonstrator had to wipe it down with his shirt 4 times in the period of about a minute.