iTunes 9 brings refreshed look, LP albums, home sharing, and app management (!!!)


iTunes 9 is here (almost) and she sure does look pretty. Now you can pick up LPs from the store that includes lyrics, notes, videos, photos, and more. Plus, the store has been cleaned up in a Snow Leopard fashion along with a bunch of other small features including sharing what albums you’re interested in on Facebook. (Kevin Rose got his wish)


Now you can peruse the store in a full screen mode and simply roll over a song to activate Quick View that lets you purchase without leaving the page. This works with songs, albums, music videos, movies, and TV episodes. Plus, iTunes Extras bring all the features you get on a DVD to the iTunes store; everyone loves director commentary. The new Home sharing tool allows users to easily share and copy their media over five select computers. So if you Pop is a deadhead, you can easily try out his Grateful Dead tracks and copy them over to your machine if you dig it.

itunes-app-management1But it’s the app management that we are so excited about. We’ll hold off to pass judgement until we try it out, but my goodness, it seems to be exactly what we have wanted: drag, drop and sync. Awesome.