iTunes LPs: a preemptive strike against the major labels' single-file albums

Not long ago, it was revealed that the major players in the music market were working on a single-file album format, by which they could sell you albums at an inflated price but with value added: cover art, videos, interviews, and so on. Of course, Apple was already on that, and now, with the major labels’ “CMX” format still off in the future, Apple has given them a black eye by introducing iTunes LPs.

These LPs will include all sorts of bonus features like custom album art and music videos, and will be accessed in a special full-screen menu. Sounds pretty hot, though I do want to note here that Zune has been packing bonus stuff for quite a while, and the Zune HD will have access to some of these kinds of features — more than the original Zune, anyhow.

Still, that’s no reason not to rejoice. I like the idea, but since I can’t stand iTunes, I’m a bit out of luck. Good news for you guys, though.