Microsoft's new keyboard is thin enough to shave with

Microsoft Hardware’s new Bluetooth Mobile Keyboard is a sexy little number. And its companion is a sexy little numpad. Thin keyboards tend to have short key throws, which is less comfortable for some, but on the other hand, it’s thin enough to slip into… why not, a manila envelope.


It’s got that little kink in the middle that so many people like, and I admit that I probably should get one of these natcheral-type keyboards, what with all the blogging I do. And with all the shaving I do, I could use that razor-thin form factor. As thick as a AAA battery at the back, less at the front. That’ll cut the electrons off an atom.

Microsoft’s keyboards have always been pricey, though: this one will set you back $90, plus $50 for the number pad if you want it. Is it worth it? Buy it and find out, chicken!