Panasonic Japan outs three Blu-ray set-top boxes with digital TV tuners


Panasonic Japan announced a total of three new Blu-ray-based set-top boxes today [JP], the first devices in the industry featuring a digital CATV tuner. All of the models (TZ-BDW900M/pictured, TZ-BDW900F and TZ-BDW900P) have a 500GB HDD on board, too.

Other specs include VIERA TV link, DLNA support, i.Link, an HDMI slot, an SD memory card slot, an Ethernet port, and a YouTube function. Panasonic says the 500GB HDD is enough to store up to 90 hours of HD TV material, but only the TZ-BDW900P supports downloads from acTVila [JP], a Japanese web video provider.

The set-top boxes will go on sale in Japan in December. Panasonic hasn’t revealed any pricing details yet.