Upcoming Dell Adamo XPS measures less than 10mm thick


Oh joy, another vague advertising campaign for Dell’s Adamo line is underway. This time, it’s the Adamo XPS. There’s just a single specification, too: it’s less than 10 millimeters thick.

That’s about 0.39 inches. Impressive, yes, although the first Adamo was also pretty thin and it ended up weighing four pounds — about a pound and a half more than it should have. Now we wait for round after round of black and white video ads and teaser websites with mysterious models before we finally get down to the actual pricing and availability.

My guess is that it’ll be out just in time for the holidays and contain one of those newfangled Intel CULV processors that all of Dell’s competitors already have on the market. If Dell really wanted to rock the boat, it’d serve up some NVIDIA Ion or Android or Snapdragon goodness. Hell, maybe it’s a tablet. That might work, though Dell’s XPS line is generally reserved for high(er) performance machines.

Adamo [AdamoByDell.com]