A photo montage of the life and times of the Nintendo 64


We eulogized the Sega Dreamcast yesterday, and even though today, September 10, isn’t really all that significant in the life of the Nintendo 64, we present to you a photo montage of the life and times of Nintendo’s little system.

In the montage: The Donkey Kong 64 bundle, which I’m not too ashamed to say that I had once upon a time (even though it had a problem with saving games for some reason); the N64DD, which was as big of a flop as I’ve ever seen; Ben Heck‘s portable N64; and the elusive golden N64, which I cannot remember for the life of me.

We had the launch day N64 (and I do mean launch day, my Dad pre-ordered the system quite early) and the aforementioned Donkey Kong bundle. And I had the launch day copy of Ocarina of Time, complete with the now-banned Fire Temple song. I was a baller, basically.