BrowserMob Launches Monitoring Tool For Website Health

BrowserMob, an on-demand performance and load testing software service, is launching a new monitoring tool that lets you measure the performance of your website over time, and alert you of problems. BroswerMob, which is a cloud-based service, is designed to help lower-trafficked websites (i.e. websites with less than one million visitors each month) prepare for potentially high traffic situations, such as a launch. BrowserMob presented its sites testing product at TechCrunch’s Cloud Computing Roundtable in February.

The monitoring tool checks your website from multiple locations in the cloud, using ta variety of browsers, captures screen shots of your website whenever it detects an error and notifies you immediately when these problems take place. The technology also detects problems outside of your firewall (ad vendor problems, issues with external widgets, etc.).

Patrick Lightbody, the founder of BrowserMob, says that he started the business because he found that there wasn’t a low-cost alternative for startups and SMBs which wanted to test out their sites for traffic and track performance. BrowserMob’s monitoring service is free for low-volume monitoring (the tool will check the site every hour) and starts at $30 per month for more in-depth coverage.

Though BrowserMob is focused on the smaller sites, the startup, which launched in 2008, has some big-name clients, such as Evite. Competitors to BrowserMob include Keynote Systems and AlertSite.