13 reasons why you should have a Windows Home Server

windows-home-server1I will continue to preach the benefits of Windows Home Server until everyone is using it. I promise. With that said, The Windows Home Server Blog has an excellent top 10 reasons why you should use WHS. The list is simple, to the point, but not totally complete. I would like to add a few of my own if that’s okay.

Here are the first 10.

11. Torrent friendly

It’s easy to turn your WHS into a torrent monster. Just install utorrent – or any other program I guess – and setup a network share on the server that the program watches for new torrents. This way you can initiate a download from any network-based computer by just dropping a torrent into the share. Remote Desktop Connection makes it easy to manage everything from any computer including OS X machines.

12. Stream even more media

WHS has streaming software built in but you can turn it off and install more powerful options like PlayOn and TVersity. It’s the perfect solution since your WHS is probably turned on all the time already.

13. DIY

My first WHS was a random collection of old PATA hard drives ran by an AMD Athlon 1900+. I think the largest was a 250GB out of seven drives, but WHS easily combines all the drives into one RAID cluster on any hardware.

[via MS Windows Home Server]