Get thee to the Snow Leopard updatery: 10.6.1 is here already

Apple has just announced Snow Leopard 10.6.1, a mild update to everyone’s favorite mild update. The improvements include fixing some of the printer problems plaguing users and fixes to mail problems. Huge news this isn’t.

Full fix list:

Improves compatibility with some Sierra Wireless 3G modems
Addresses an issue in which some printer compatibility drivers might not appear properly in the Add Printer browser
Addresses an issue that might cause DVD playback to stop unexpectedly
Addresses an issue that might make it difficult to remove an item from the Dock
Resolves an issue in which the Command-Option-T keyboard shortcut would sometimes bring up the special characters menu in applications such as Mail and TextEdit
Addresses instances in which auto account setup in Mail might not work
Resolves issues when sending mail with certain SMTP servers
Addresses an issue in which Motion 4 could become unresponsive
Includes an update to Adobe Flash Player plug-in version

via Giz