Keychain speaker actually not a bad idea


If you’re sick – SICK!!! – of not being able to play your music collection at a moment’s notice for a group of onlookers, and you have a set of keys that grant you access to various secure locations then you, my main man, might want to look into this $11 MP3 Earphone Speaker.

It’s basically an oversized earbud that I can almost guarantee sounds just about as tinny as cranking up the volume and holding your regular earbud up in the air, but this one fits on a keychain and passersby will surely comment on the idea’s novelty.

And where can you purchase such a fine product? Try Things You Never Knew Existed… and other items you can’t POSSIBLY live without! That’s seriously the name of the site.

In unrelated news, I’ll be suggesting to my superiors that we change our site’s name from CrunchGear to The Mildly Popular Blog That’s Mostly About Gadgets With Some Other Random Items That May Or May Not Appeal To People Who Like Technology… and on the weekends there’s not quite as much to read about since some of us take a break!

[via Random Good Stuff]