AT&T begins rolling out MMS for the iPhone

A few hours ago, we got a tip from one of our readers that they’d popped into their iPhone messaging app this morning, only to find that they’d suddenly gained the ability to send MMS. We chalked it up as a fluke – AT&T promised it would launch on September 25th, after all, and they haven’t exactly been punctual about this whole thing thus far. Two whole weeks early? It seemed shaky.

Then a few hours later, we got another one. So far, we’ve received three tips, all from entirely different people, all claiming that MMS has sprung up on their iPhones sans jailbreak or any other sort of hackery. Being the curious folks we are, we popped over to Twitter, and sure enough: there’s a stream (albeit a very slow one) of folks reporting that MMS is now up and running on their handsets. Enabling MMS on AT&T’s end is a matter of disabling an “opt-out” toggle on each account, so this is the exact manner we’d expect things to roll out.

We’ve contacted AT&T for comment, and we’ll report back with whatever we hear. Any more of our readers finding themselves MMS’d this morning?

[Thanks David, Bethany, and Sean]