Flip camcorder, iPod nano video quality compared

The folks over at NewTeeVee took the “Flip SD,” as they called it – no real clarification if it was the bigger Flip Ultra or smaller Flip Mino camcorder – and did a side-by-side video quality comparison against the new iPod nano. You’ll recall that during the Apple presentation last Wednesday, Jobs and company took a few direct shots at the line of Flip cameras.

So what did NewTeeVee find? In a nutshell…

“Overall — the Flip offered a MUCH better picture both indoor and out, providing way more detail in the image. The Flip microphone was also a little more discerning in our test, able to distinguish our subject’s voice in a crowded room much better than the Nano.”

Again, no word on whether this was the bulkier Flip Ultra or more pocketable Flip Mino. Both of those aren’t nearly as tiny as the iPod nano, though. And the nano does all that other stuff, too, like movies and music and whatnot.

Still, it appears that buying the new nano solely based on its video recording feature might be something you’ll want to put some extra thought into.

Hands-On- iPod Nano vs. Flip SD [NewTeeVee]