Let's be Blood Elves and Night Elves for Halloween


Halloween is rapidly approaching, and many of you are no doubt looking for a cool costume to show off at various social gatherings. Me? I’m leaning toward being iTunes— afat and bloated CD with a blue music note as a hat. But that’s me; maybe you’d actually like people to understand what you are? How about this, then: a Blood Elf or Night Elf?

Yes, Amazon now has latex elf ears, both in Blood Elf and Night Elf Style, for only $12. Presumably you’d have to then also buy a long, blonde wig for the effect to truly be, um, effective.

Or maybe you can dress up as a giant teabag, given that the country, apparently, is being torn apart by the pro- and anti-tea party brigades. I’m with Ron Bennington: just split the country apart; it’d solve so many problems!

via WoW.com