Dude, the iPhone app

Dude, there’s this new iPhone app you can get. It’s called “Dude”. That’s right, dude, this app is called “Dude”. No, it’s not a Jeffrey Lebowski app, as cool as that would be. This “Dude” app catalogs many, though not all, of the ways in which the word “dude” may be used in every day conversation. Not only do you get a description of when “dude” might be used, you get to hear some dude saying “dude” with the proper inflection!

Is this Dude app worth a paltry ninety nine cents? Probably not. You’ll listen to each and every “dude” recording included, just to see what it’s like, and then you’ll very likely never touch this app again.

But get this, dude: if you tweet something about this app, you can win a free MacBook! Dude!

For complete Dude enjoyment, we recommend that you watch the following clip, which is not safe for work, due to adult language.