High voltage art: still and video

It’s not exactly gadget-related, but it does involve high voltage so I figured that’s a go. Some great (and terrifying) pictures are making their way around the web right now that are the result of artist Hiroshi Sugimoto passing a huge amount of voltage through a bit of film. A very cool application of technology to art.

I thought I’d pass it on, with the significant addition of a very abstract short film I watched recently that uses the same method. It’s called Energie!, by one of my favorite video artists, Thorston Fleisch. Click on through to get at it.

WARNING: Epileptics should not watch this film! It is almost entirely strobing light.
WARNING: Other people, be careful, it will put you in a trance if you put it full screen and turn it up. It takes about a minute to really get started.


[via PDN, Gizmodo, Kottke]