New SanDisk CF cards hit huge transfer speeds


If you thought that anything with EXTREME in the title meant that it was the absolute best of its kind, think again! SanDisk’s Extreme CompactFlash cards have just been karate-chopped by its own newly-announced line of Extreme Pro cards. Extreme… PRO!

The cards come in capacities between 16GB and 64GB and feature maximum read/write speeds of 90MB/s, “doubling the performance from previous SanDisk high-end camera memory cards,” according to the company’s press release.

That 90MB/s transfer speed is on par with many solid state drives, so maybe we’ll start seeing some super slim systems featuring these new cards from enterprising modders in the coming months.

They’re not cheap, though. Not… at… all. The 16GB version has an MSRP of $300 while the 64GB model tops out at a wallet-exploding $800. The cards are shipping out now and should hit retailers in the near future. If you’re looking for a cheaper alternative, SanDisk also announced availability of spec-bumped Extreme cards. They’ll do up to 60MB/s and will be available in capacities between 8GB and 32GB, priced from $130 to $375.