Rumors on the Internet: The Prince of Persia movie will be in 3D, but rubbish 3D (Update: Wait, no it won't.)


Words cannot describe the anticipation all of CrunchGear feels for the upcoming Prince of Persia movie, starring Jake Gyllenhaal. You may remember him from… nope, nope, I have no idea who he is, either. But anyway, news! Despite the fact that every two-bit Hollywood movie these days comes in 3D in some capacity, well, Prince of Persia is no different. There’s a catch, though.

The movie itself wasn’t shot in 3D, but this poster, touting Disney’s Technology Magic, shows the film as being part of the Disney Digital 3D wonderment. What that probably means is that the film will be filmed totally normally, then given the post-production 3D hatchet job.

I stand by the notion that if you want to see a story told in 3D, why not go to a theater? You know, Broadway stuff. Real, live people, jumping around in elaborate costumes. It’s like a movie, but live and 100 percent 3D. Bam, problem solved.

CM Punk (that guy —->) would have been a better Prince, if not some, you know, a Persian (read: Iranian) actor. Bah, authenticity, who needs it?

via Kotaku

UPDATE According to one of’s sources, the movie will not be in 3D, rubbish or otherwise. It’ll be a plain ol’, regular movie. And seeing as though they’re a movie site, I’m inclined to believe them. If we were talking about a new phone or whatever, then it’d be a different story.