TC50 Backstage: Tony Hsieh on Why You Should Be Changing the World

tony-hsieh1Soft-spoken Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh had some surprisingly harsh criticism for the TC50 companies he saw today: Why aren’t you trying to change the world? I asked him more about that in our backstage sidestage interview during the TC50 cocktail party. “To be fair, is selling shoes changing the world?” I asked. Watch the clip after the jump to hear his answer.

I pressed Hsieh on details about his relationship with Jeff Bezos and Amazon . He can’t really comment because the US Justice Department hasn’t yet ruled on the deal, but he did admit “I’ve always thought Jeff was a lovely man.” So that’s how it works in that soon-to-be corporate family.

The most interesting admission may be his advice for start-ups: Do you really need venture capital?

TC50 and Tony Hsieh from sarah lacy on Vimeo.