Is @PaulCarr drunk? Yeah, there's a web site for that

TechCrunch 50 is very much a different kind of conference. Most conferences are thinly veiled pitches by the speakers disguised as content. At TechCrunch 50 they’ve removed the veil, told everyone to launch, pitch their heart out and then have their companies torn to shreds (or praised) in front of 2,000 people in the room and another 30,000 watching the live online stream.

This is real hard-ball stuff. But listening to 50 pitches across two days can have it’s casualties. One of those has increasingly appeared to be Paul Carr, TechCrunch’s in-house satirist, who’s tweet stream during the conference started out reasonable enough (for him) but has lurched from the reasonable to the not so reasonable. This would be of little significance, other than his increasing irritation with a prominent American flag placed on stage during day one of the conference (which is billed as a international platform featuring participants from across the globe, not just the US). His irritation reached the point where he created his own web site: Is The American Flag Still

The has not gone unnoticed and now BookingBug founder Glenn Shoosmith has decided (in a fit of boredom he tells me) to create Is Paul Carr

I’ll leave you to check and see what the answer is.

(In the meantime I apologise for this lame excuse for a post. We now resume our normal service…)