The Xbox Series Zune HD slaps video game logos all over the damn place


If we’re being honest—and we always are here on CrunchGear, if nothing else—then I do have to admit that the Zune HD looks pretty spiffy. Apple’s event came and went, and I’m absolutely burned out on the iPod. (The last one I bought was the fat nano, back in 2007.) With my fancy new Windows installation all set up, though, there’s nothing stopping me from jumping on board the Zune HD bandwagon. I may well might, maybe as a Christmas gift to myself.

That said, would I be interested in the Xbox Series Zune HD? I’m thinking no. The Zune HD looks spiffy because it’s quite clean—adding, say, a Left 4 Dead 2 logo to the back just kills the mood.

Still, if the idea of having the Fable logo on your Zune doesn’t bother you, then at least there’s that option for you.