Dazzboard beats Nokia Ovi store to make its apps more social

Dazzboard, the consumer service from Finnish startup Linkotec, lets you plug a wide range of mobile devices into your computer and transfer multimedia content like photos, videos and music to its web-based management interface. After that you can organize all your files and share them across social networks. Got that? Ok, so meanwhile, Nokia is a large mobile handset maker you may have heard about. You may also know they recently launched an App store, the operation of which was something of a failure. Ovi was supposed to open up Nokia’s handets to more social apps but its performance has been pretty miserable.

So today Dazzboard has achieved for Nokia’s handsets something Nokia itself couldn’t. It’s added ten of the latest Nokia mobile phones to its list of supported devices. This means users can push-and-pull data from mobile to PC, or put content like video onto the social media Web much more easily. Dazzboard can also be accessed through Facebook and iGoogle with their newly released app and gadget.

The new Nokia devices supported by Dazzboard include the latest N-series, E-series and Xpress music devices like N97, N96, N81 and Xpress music 5300-, 5500-, 5600-, 5700- and 5800- series. Including older models, Dazzboard offers complete support for many other Nokia devices.

Ovi Suite, Nokia’s proprietary device management software currently has no social media connectivity right now so Dazzboard is at least one way of doing it.

Dazzboard currently supports Windows XP, Vista and 7, Internet Explorer version 6 (XP only), 7 and 8, as well as Firefox 3.X. The company will also release APIs for developers to integrate Dazzboard technology for external websites and develop add-ons to utilize the device connection.