Looks like iTunes LP can be pirated after all: Muse album found online


Maybe there’s no DRM on iTunes LP after all? I could have sworn that when Apple announced the completely useless new feature last week that it had said there would be measures in place to prevent people from sharing iTunes LP files with one another. Apparently not, since I was able to find the iTunes LP version of the new Muse album online a few minutes ago. Exactly where I found it is irrelevant; what’s newsworthy is that, yeah, it seems that these things can be passed around pretty easily.

The file is one .itlp file that weighs in at around 326MB. (For comparison’s sake, a standard scene rip of the album is 76MB.) By merely dragging that one .itlp file into your iTunes library you now have access to the full iTunes LP album. I checked out a few pictures, but seeing as though I wouldn’t know who Muse is if they’d punch me in the face (I’m more of a house and hip-hop guy; rock, eh…) it didn’t interest me a great deal.

One word of caution to would-be iTunes LP pirates: it seems that your iTunes account info is embedded in the files, so I wouldn’t go around uploading your .itlp of The Blueprint 3 to Rapidshare or whatever.

And yes, that USB drive is named WWE. I’m a dork.