Samsung Instinct HD coming to Sprint September 27


Sprint may not be the number one mobile carrier, but it sure does seem to be picking up the slack in the handset department recently. The Now Network is expected to get yet another new mobile in the form of the Samsung Instinct HD.

Looks like the rumor we noted back in August about a September launch window was correct. According to a “trusted” PhoneDog source, the Samsung Instinct HD should be arriving on Sprint’s shelves on September 27 and is expected to retail for something between $99 and $149.

Here’s the rest of the “leaked” info:

Short Description of Product:

The Samsung Instinct HD is the premium follow up to the award-winning, record-selling Samsung Instinct. The Samsung Instinct HD is designed for people who want a stylish and cutting edge touchscreen phone with enhanced multimedia features, accelerometer and a 5MP camera with Hi-Res viewing and TV out capability.

Full Description of Product:

The Samsung Instinct® HD is the fastest, most advanced model designed in the Instinct portfolio of Samsung touchscreen phones. The Instinct HD includes an accelerometer that syncs to the user’s movements to create an intuitive experience that engages the senses in an extraordinary way. The Instinct HD is equipped with a 5.0 megapixel camera to deliver razor-sharp clarity for pictures and video. The Instinct HD also possesses WiFi capabilities for fast Web and content access, no matter where the device is being used. With incredible multimedia and browsing performance, the new Instinct HD lets users watch movies, play games, surf the net, check out social networking sites, upload and download content, record and play videos in Hi-Res, and much more — even faster than before. The large 3.2″ HGVA display with accelerometer and improved web browser gives you a great PC-like experience so your favorite sites look and load just like they would at home. It also has WiFi and comes with a 5MP camera with TV out capability, so you enjoy viewing your photos and videos right on your home TV. This fully loaded, premium touch screen takes you to the cutting edge of technology.

Please describe what differentiates your product/service from competing products/services:

* Full Touchscreen with Accelerometer
* Record & Play Videos in Hi-Res
* PC-like Web experience
* WiFi Capable with 3.2″ sharp and clear display
* 5.0MP Camera & Camcorder with TV out

When was product launched? If not currently on the market, when is product launch date?:


Is the product currently on the market?


If no, when will it be available?


Where can the product be purchased?

Sprint retail stores,, select wireless

What is the product’s price range?