Sungale desk lamp features 3.5-inch LCD


Ah, convergence devices. Sometimes they actually make sense. Case in point, this 5-watt LED desk lamp with built-in 3.5-inch digital photo frame. The fine people over at Zatz Not Funny! (Zat name IS funny!) took a quick look at the lamp, so let’s take a look at their look.

Look, you can’t have a lamp with a built-in screen if the lamp isn’t a good lamp. The lamp is a good lamp, though:

“First off, this desk lamp doesn’t disappoint in its primary function. The light is bright, soft, and easily flexes in any direction. It’s also energy efficient, consuming only 5W of power.”

And the LCD screen, while on the small-ish side, is “remarkably clear” with its 320×240 resolution. There’s 512MB of built-in memory with expansion via SD, MMC, or MemoryStick. Aside from displaying photos, the screen can also handle “surprisingly good” video along with MP3 playback, calendar, and clock functions.


The buttons on the base of the lamp give you direct access to the various features.

All in all, it seems like a pretty nice lamp. It costs $90 at Amazon.

Hands On- Sungale Desk Lamp Photo Frame [Zatz Not Funny!]