T-Mobile: Give us an old phone, we'll give you a rebate

Screen shot 2009-09-16 at 12.10.42 PMLet’s try a little something here: dig into your trousers and pull out your cell phone. Does it work? If the answer is “yes”, then congratulations — T-Mobile wants to give you a price break on a new phone.

According to a tweet put out by the folks in magenta, you could get up to $50 off a brand new BlackBerry Curve if you ship them a working phone to be recycled. The tweet and the actual promotion page don’t quite see eye-to-eye on some things, though: apparently, the promotion applies only to the Curve 8520, but that didn’t stop T-Mobile from slapping pictures of all current Curve models onto the page. What’s more, the tweet says (as you can see) you can get up to $50 back, while the promotion page says you’ll be getting at least that much.

Bad coordination aside, the effort comes much appreciated. If you’ve been dying to flip to a BlackBerry, by all means, go crazy.