VIA searches for portable computing Goldilocks zone with ‘NetNote’ platform


Netbooks are too underpowered, notebooks are too bulky and expensive – “SILENCE!” shouts VIA. All hail the new “NetNote” category, if you please. We’re basically talking netbooks with 10- to 12-inch screens that can handle 1080p HD video without breaking stride.

There’s more:

“NetNote devices not only boast the full functionality and larger keyboard and screen sizes more commonly found on standard notebook devices, but also incorporate innovative features such as an integrated, externally controlled MP3 player that doesn’t require the user to boot the OS, an extendable aerial used to receive digital video broadcast from both satellite and terrestrial transmitters, and the ability to act as an FM transmitter allowing users to tune in car radios or cell phones to pick up NetNote broadcasts.”

These NetNote systems are “turnkey” in the sense that manufacturers can choose between ultra low-voltage VIA C7-M processors or VIA’s newer Nano processors, then add up to 2GB of RAM, mobile broadband chips, and Windows or Linux operating systems.

All the systems will use VIA’s VX855 Media System Processor, which is an integrated graphics chipset that offers hardware-based video acceleration for popular video codecs like H.264, MPEG-2, and MP4.

Here’s a look at some of the available hardware options:


The whole setup is known as the “Surfboard” platform and will draw as little as 2.3 watts of power in the interest of battery life. No actual systems, pricing, or availability yet but a bunch of stuff will be shown off at VIA’s Global Mobility Bazaar Alliance event in China on the 25th.

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