Comcast plans to take On Demand Online mobile


Yesterday, cable behemoth, Comcast, announced plans to make its emerging On Demand Online service available to cable subscribers on their mobile devices in the near future.

At first glance, this news seems a bit odd. However, Comcast has recently begun to offer consumers wireless Internet access in select areas across the country as a result of its partnership with WiMAX provider, Clearwire. Thus, porting On Demand Online to the mobilesphere actually makes a lot of sense for the cable giant.

“I can envision sometimes in the future (On Demand Online) having a wireless component,” Comcast Chief Financial Officer Michael Angelakis said at the Goldman Sachs Communicopia conference.

Comcast is also considering re-entering the mobile space by adding a voice component to its Clearwire-based wireless Web service. Between the possibility of providing wireless voice services and access to On Demand content on-the-go, Comcast has clearly caught the mobile bug. Now (my usual closing re: Comcast), how about working on your customer support and lowering prices in the meantime, huh big C?

[via Reuters]