Just don't care? Well we totally care about these Modern Warfare 2, Forza 3 Xbox 360 bundles.


There’s two new Xbox 360 bundles that you ought to be made aware of. One, which was announced a few days ago (we’re sorta short staffed this week), is the Modern Warfare 2 bundle. It includes a MW2 branded Xbox, a 250GB hard drive (ooh!), and two wireless controllers. Oh, and a copy of the game. Total price: $399.

Then you’ve got a Forza 3 bundle. It, too, has a 250GB hard drive, two wireless controllers, a copy of the game. The Forza 360 doesn’t have any special branding; it’s a plain ol’ Xbox.

Dates: Look for the MW2 bundle on November 10, and the Forza 3 bundle on October 23. Please note that the Forza bundle has only been announced for Europe thus far, which makes sense considering it’s the birthplace of motor sport.

Also, any play the Forza games? I’m a huge proponent of the GRID/DIRT series, but I’m not gonna shell out $60 for some so-so game. I already did that last month!