Sex robots to save the adult entertainment industry?


Only a fool would pay for pornography on the Internet. It’s like, you don’t pay for air (or, more accurately, oxygen), do you? So why pay for porn? But if porn is free all over the place, what’s going to happen to our nation’s adult entertainment industry? It employs more than a few people (that’s good), and helps maintain our image abroad (that’s also good). Two good thing! So what’s the industry going to do in a world where every kid can load up uTorrent or visit YouTube-like site? One word: robots.

David Levy is something of an artificial intelligence expert, and he believes that the adult entertainment industry may well turn to robots to save itself. He told The Guardian:

I’ll be surprised if it’s more than another three years or so before we see more advanced sex dolls with more electronics and electromechanics. There will be a huge amount of publicity when products like this hit the market. As soon as the media starts writing about ‘My fantastic weekend with a sex doll,’ it will be like the iPhone all over again, but the queues will be longer.

Which begs the question (yes, I know that’s grammatically incorrect, but when has that ever stopped us?): would you, you know, have sex with a robot like you just don’t care? (All the married men reading this just said to themselves, “I already do—it’s called my wife!) I say, why the hell not? Don’t we already have similar robots? Let’s take it up a notch, then. It’ll be like Ancient Rome, only with pleasure bots.