Touchnote addresses its weakness with a smart iPhone app

We’ve been following photo notecard printing start-up Touchnote for a while now, for example in March, when the company launched its API.

But until now there’s been something missing from the Touchnote experience: an iPhone app. That’s about to change, because at some point tomorrow Touchnote’s iPhone app will hit the App Store. You’ll be able to snap, customise and send your postcards right from your iPhone. The addition of an iPhone app makes Touchnote a much more compelling idea and is really going to supercharge their service.

If you’re not already familiar with it, Touchnote basically it allows you to take a picture and send it to your loved ones as a physical postcard, the design of which has been patented because it’s folded in such a way as to allow it to stand up as if in a frame.

The service costs £1.49 (€1.49 or $1.99) including postage, which isn’t too bad considering it includes postage to anywhere in the world.