Zune HD Marketplace seeing first apps but will more follow?

zune-hd-1-620x403 (1)

The Zune HD has only been out for a day, but apps are already filtering into the Marketplace. So far there are some free apps like weather, a calculator, and a few games available. What do you have to lose, Zune HD owners? Download ’em like you just don’t care!

It will be interesting to see the type of apps developers make for the Zune HD. Sure, the Zune HD is as powerful as Sauron, but will there be a wide range of apps and games that will tap the power? The answer probably correlates whether the Zune HD is a success. The App Store took off so quickly because there were already millions of iPhones around the world. Devs may very well watch the Zune HD from afar for a while.

But why would an app developer spend time and money coding for the Zune HD when Apple’s App Store reaches tens of millions of iDevices? A few smart ones might jump on the bandwagon right away with the goal of cornering the market early and there is likely going to be ports of existing apps and games. Some companies will develop for the Zune HD right of the bat, but probably only out of love for the platform and not with the hope of instant riches.

I admit, it was a poor choice of words when I stated that the Zune HD might not have the gaming capabilities of the new iPod touch. It does, in fact, have more capabilities and potential, but so does the Creative Zii powered by Android and others. That’s not to say other PMPs cannot exist in the same market, but don’t get your hopes up about future apps. I know, it’s not fair, but we live in an iPod world, folks. Domination kills innovation.