Coolest $200,000 pool table ever

Obscura CueLight from Gizmodo on Vimeo.

If I only had enough space for a pool table, and $200,000 to pay for it. This is totally the table I’d buy for my basement man-cave. If I had a basement. This is quite possibly the coolest animated pool table I’ve ever seen.

Currently set up at the Esquire Ultimate Bachelor pad, the Obscura CueLight is quite an amazing demonstration of technology. It uses sensors and motion detectors to manipulate images as you move the balls around the table. While the table is currently set up to reveal a hidden image, that’s just one potential use of the technology. It can also be configured to trail flames behind the balls, or even project a pool of water on the table that ripples as the balls move over it.

The good news is that the system itself only costs $80,000. It just happens to be mounted on a table that costs $125,000. So the question is, would it work on the $75 table you picked up at a garage sale?

[via Gizmodo]