Lok8u: GPS wristwatch keeps tabs on kids

img2_bigUK-based Lok8u (Get it? Locate you?) is a GPS-enabled wristwatch meant to be worn by children. The watch also features a built-in cell signal, too, which enables location information to be relayed rapidly to parents while waiting for the GPS chip to get its bearings or when there’s no line-of-sight to GPS satellites.

It appears that you can order it online from the UK right now, and the company has an office in New Jersey and a US sales e-mail address on its web site.

The device itself costs £149.99 ($245) plus a required 18-month cellular plan for text alerts and location services ranging from £4.99 ($8.15) to £19.99 ($32.65) per month depending on the number of automatic text alerts you want sent to you.

Location information is available using included mapping software or you can use your own cell phone to send out a text message containing a special code as well. If the watch is removed from your child’s wrist, a text message and e-mail alert are immediately sent to you. You can also set up a “Safe Zone” for your child – basically a neighborhood perimeter that, when crossed, will send you alerts.

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