Paid Apps for Palm App Catalog coming September 24th?

Screen shot 2009-09-18 at [ September 18 ] 11.35.19 AM

Considering Palm’s lag in getting free apps into their store (there are right around 80 right now), we’re not exactly expecting an onslaught once they open up the doors to paid apps. Either way, more apps are more apps, and we’re always fans of anything that might make developers some change.

After Palm accidentally leaked out v1.2 of their OS a few weeks ago, it was clear that it wouldn’t be too much longer before paid apps hit the Pre. Thanks to a leaked table obtained by Digital Daily, we’ve got a better idea of what the exact date of roll-out might be. According to the chart, we’re looking at a “Go live” date September 24th.

Though it’s not mentioned specifically, that implies that the v1.2 update should go out to handsets (intentionally, this time) sometime in the next 6 days. You can’t have paid apps without the update – so unless they’re planning on having paid apps no one can buy, expect it sooner than later.

[Via PreCentral]