Photographing bats looks really damn hard

What a great bat shot! I captured bats in flight by accident when I was in India, but to actually set the focus, composition, and so on, and do it on purpose? No. I prefer flowers — they don’t fly away or get in your hair or bite your ears or make that bat noise. Anyway, this guy prefers bats, and he’s got a really cool (probably typical) setup for automatically taking their picture when they swoop in for a drink at his backyard pond.


I like that the photographer is labeled. Good luck putting together your own bat-shot rig with that information. At least it gives you an overview.

It appears to be from a how-to, but I can’t find the original post on the Organization for Bat Conservation page. Also, I first read that as Bat Conversation, which I think you’ll agree would be a puzzling goal for an organization.