Video: I never did think I'd see Kimbo Slice yelling at a caterpillar for Symantec, but here we are

Even casual fight fans know that last night was UFC 103 and Mayweather vs. Marquez. No spoilers here, of course, but I do encourage you all to, I don’t know, buy the replays or find them wherever you find things these days. While on the topic of mixed martial arts, full credit to whatever marketing company put this ad together for Norton Anti-virus. Yes, that’s Kimbo Slice, and he’s admonishing a caterpillar.

The problem with Kimbo—and this is not breaking news or anything—is that he’s a jacked up backyard brawler. He’ll destroy any of us in any type of fight, but what happens when he meets a professional fighter who’s spent the past 10 years down in Brazil learning Judo and BJJ? That’s where the intrigue lies with Kimbo Slice: how he’ll perform when he meets people who can take him to the ground and work him. I guess we’ll find out this year on the Ultimate Fighter, one of only three shows I DVR (the others being Top Gear and Curb Your Enthusiasm).

As for Norton Anti-Virus, am I wrong in thinking those guys don’t have the best reputation? Not that it’s an Evil Corporation, but that the software just ain’t what it used to be? (Maybe that’s an “online” opinion?)

Anyhow, considering how wacky commercials have become (see: the Geico googly eyes spots, the old Microsoft Bill Gates/Jerry Seinfeld spots, etc.), this one is probably a winner. Looking only at the YouTube comments (“This is perhaps the single best thing that has ever been created by somebody with a vision”), yeah, it looks to be a hit.