Netgear jumps into the consumer-friendly NAS arena with ‘Stora’


Netgear’s got a new home network hard drive system called Stora. It’s a $229 NAS system with a 1TB SATA hard drive built in and a second open SATA slot, allowing you to easily add a second drive in the future (that second drive can be set up to mirror the first).

Files can be shared and accessed by various devices across your home network thanks to UPnP compatibility and a web interface ( lets you share files with friends and family as well as retrieve files yourself remotely.

There’s also Facebook, Flickr, iTunes and mobile features, although mobile and Flickr access costs $20 per year. According to the press release:

Stora enables consumers to easily centralize photos, music, movies and files and use them on nearly any network device. With a smooth user interface designed for non-technical users, Stora lets consumers easily share their photos and videos with friends without the time-consuming process of uploading them to Internet sites or transferring them over email. Through an intuitive and graphical user interface on, users and their designated friends and relatives can remotely access their media files from any Internet-connected device, such as laptops, PCs and smartphones.

More info is available at Netgear’s website and the Stora is apparently available for purchase now, although the “Buy Now” link on the website is currently going to a broken page.

MS2110- Stora []