The Pure Sensia touchscreen radio has built-in Facebook, Twitter widgets


Now this is the type of radio a fancy gentleman would use. It’s the latest PURE Sensia, a touchscreen European radio that supports FM, DAB (and DAB+), and Internet radio. There’s also Wi-Fi and “widgets,” I guess, for sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Compare this to the old clock-radio you’ve got on your nightstand, and I think you’ll agree: this is better. It has built-in stereo speakers (but let’s be real: you’re not going to be using this to listen to your meticulously encoded FLACs now are you?) as well as a jack to hook it up to external speakers—perhaps you and your Sim friends are having a party tonight?

The best part, though, is those aforementioned widgets. You’ve got the two big guys right now in Facebook and Twitter, along with access to Picasa, Google’s take on Flickr. Then there’s things like weather widgets, news widgets, etc. It’s almost Chumby-like.

Mr. Radio is a tad on the expensive side, however, coming in at £249, or just over $400. Still, it’s a fine-looking radio, and one I wouldn’t mind using it, provided I had $400 to burn, which I don’t. What are you gonna do?

via SlashGear