World of Warcraft is back in China~!


Chinese gamers can once again feel the joy of buying an epic on the Auction House for 100G, then selling it for 300G to some sap. Yes, World of Warcraft is officially, 100 percent back in China. This is clearly huge news that’s totally worth your time of day.

You’ll recall that WoW had been offline in China for quite some time, owing to a dispute between Blizzard, the local company handling the game’s operation, and the Chinese government. The game had to be censored to a degree, and then it was put into a beta, and then is came out. Oh, that’s where we are today—it’s out again.

Kotaku says more than half of WoW‘s players comes from China, so you can imagine that this must have been quite the headache for Blizzard to deal with.

This is where I make the tenuous link between China, MMOs, and gold farming. Although I will say this: I am so damn sick of corpse spam in the game. It totally takes you out of the game, so to speak. I was going to do a “Please Kill the Corpse Spam, Blizzard” post, but then I’m like, “You idiot, you don’t think Blizzard’s already working on the problem? What good will your complaint do?”

Anyway, WoW is back in China. Let us celebrate by having many brews at Brewfest, which is still my favorite in-game holiday.