Apple's Resource Center for iPhone developers: an empty gesture?

Rotten-appleApp developers have been struggling for a while now, and Apple’s abusive nature is pretty well known when it comes to the App store. Apple is making what looks to be an essentially hollow attempt to help developers get through their approval process and get published.

So what did they do? Apple compiled a series of documents into a library they are calling the App Store Resource Center. This compendium is intended to help developers with the submission and approval process, and also make it easier for them to update their product after it’s been approved and published. At least, that’s what Apple wants you to think.

In truth, it’s not really anything new. App developers are saying that the Resource Center is nothing more then all the old information Apple had given them, however it’s been compiled into one location. In fact, after some developers have gone so far as to call the new resource totally useless.

It’s unfortunate that Apple is being so tight about this process. Is there a need for control on the applications available? Absolutely. Is abusing the people that make your device compelling a good idea? Absolutely not.