Extraordinary rendition is still happening to Speak&Spells right now, write your Congressman

What you are about to see will shock you. Our allies overseas are being given broken Speak&Spells for full interrogation and their techniques are as far from the Geneva Convention laws as you can imagine. After stripping out most of the lower part of the device, these interrogators are forcing the Speak&Spells to perform unnatural acts, some that turn the stomach.

Touching the word “Speak” turns the unit on. “Spell” triggers a random letter. “&” triggers a random glitch sound. The touch pads to the right trigger a really crazy hold/distortion effect. This is one of the most interesting effects I’ve found in a Speak&Spell in years. The strip below changes the pitch. This doesn’t actually utilize a transistor. I simply wired the pad to the pitch base on the circuit.

The interrogator notes that connecting high-power lines to your Speak&Spell could result in horrible disfigurement or death.