Illuminated keyboards too expensive? Try glow in the dark stickers


Hooray for illuminated keyboards! Boo to buying new keyboards! There’s got to be a better way! Ah, wonderful, here are some glow in the dark keyboard stickers for nine bucks. In yo’ face, replacement keyboard!

Available at

“Made of high quality fluorescent print, The Glowing Keyboard Sticker Set reflects any ambient source of light – even the dimmest sort like the glow of your monitor.  Make the keyboard letters illuminate in a crisp clear bright light that, literally, glows in the dark!”

Stupid? Yes. Useful? Maybe, especially if you’ve got a favorite keyboard like I do. As a world-famous blogger, I’ve worn down the letters of my most oft-used keys and it’d be nice to get those back because I type hunched over my keyboard using just my two index fingers. If you can think of a magical way to type without looking down at the keyboard, I’d like to hear it.

Glow in the Dark Keyboard Stickers [ via Foolish Gadgets]