Music is forever changed: Sony Ericsson's MH907 headphones sense when they're in use


We (well, I) completely forgot about the BIG Sony Ericsson announcement that went down yesterday. It may have to do with the fact that nobody e-mailed us (well, me) about it, and that the FCC announced its Net Neutrality deal. Be that as it may, we now know, definitively, what Sony Ericsson was on about last week: yes, it’s a pair of headphones that sense when they’re in use. People are dancing in the streets already.

The headphones, the MH907, use what S-E calls “SensMe” technology. As a result of this magic, the headphones will play automatically when placed inside your ear. Um, the music will play automatically when the headphones are inserted into your ear. You know what I mean.

Since the headphones use a proprietary connector, called the Fast Port, they will only work on select S-E phones. I’m guessing this is a Europe thing, because the last time I saw a S-E phone in America Pierce Brosnan was using it as James Bond.

Are you thoroughly excited by this news? Is SensMe a fun gimmick? Sure, yeah; who wouldn’t want their music to play as soon as you put in your headphones, then stop playing when you take ’em out? Is it OH MY GOD HUGE NEWS? I don’t think so, especially when we have no price nor release date.