Not two, not three, but four displays for the price of one!

Intel, in an Onion-esque display of technological one-uppery, has set the world on fire with its latest mega-laptop, which sports not only a large primary display but three sub-displays above the keyboard. These little OLED touchscreens will be able to display videos, music playlists, and file explorers — pretty much whatever you like.

Here’s some video from CNET Asia:

They can be treated as a single screen (e.g. “full-screen” video on one) or as one continuous surface (the “albums” in the video spill across multiple screens). To be honest, I’m not convinced of the utility of this particular model, but it’s mainly a proof of concept. They wanted to show that they’re working on integrating this kind of display matrix into their laptops, but not necessarily in this extreme manner.

What do you guys think of the dual-screen thing? The W700DS seems a little extreme, and the SpaceBook seems a lot extreme. If you really need that much display space, don’t you need the power of a desktop?

[via Crave and]