Postal worker in Minnesota steals 16,000 Best Buy Reward Zone certificates

VideoFlyerTA postal service supervisor working at a Minneapolis mail distribution center “has admitted taking nearly 16,000 Best Buy reward certificates and using them to buy almost $200,000 in merchandise” between June 2007 and October 2008, according to the Star Tribune.

Police found 371 items in the home of Douglas A. Parkes, Jr. along with $4200 in case and about 3,000 Best Buy Reward Zone certificates.

According to the article, “Best Buy staff noticed Parkes repeatedly bought popular items, including seven 37-inch LCD televisions and 37 iPods.”

Parkes had been working for the USPS since 1997 and has been put on administrative leave while awaiting sentencing.

Postal worker fesses up to scam using Best Buy rewards [Star Tribune]