Sony outs the chic MDR-770LP headphones

sony-headphonesNormally we don’t spend valuable Internet real estate on ordinary headphones, but this new pair from Sony is just so damn sexy. At ¥5,900 ($65 USD) I’m sure the MDR-770LP headphones sound good enough, but that’s not why I dig ’em.

Sony has always made good looking headphones and these are no different. A lot of people have moved past over-the-ear type headphones and onto earbuds, but some still prefer this type; I’m one of them. It’s just that most of the current crop look like poo, but these look great and are probably comfy too as the ear pieces slide up and down for a better fit. But it’s the side arms that do it for me. They look different and are far from the norm, but at $65, aren’t priced out of this world. Well done, Sony. Well done.