Bug Labs gets wifi and Bluetooth

Hacker enablers Bug Labs have been making customizable doodads for a long time, but wifi and Bluetooth support have been lacking, though we heard they were incoming back in January. The new Bugbase WiFi is pretty much what it sounds like: a new base module for your Bug creations, but with wireless capability baked right in. The upcoming 3G radio module should add even more to its connectivity, but for now I’m sure there are plenty of tinkerers who’ll be happy with a little local wireless.

The base will now support 802.11b/g as well as Bluetooth 2.0+ EDR. Of course, there are plenty of you out there with the vanilla Bugbase (after all, they sold out of that one a while back), and Bug has you covered there. There’s a new wifi module in the works, though you’ll have to wait a couple weeks.

Until recently, Peter was on Bug Labs duty, but now that I’m taking a closer look at it, this stuff looks pretty damn cool. I may have to give it a shot.